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equality, rule of law, peace, and good governance. We once again underline the Russian Federations responsibility in this context. We are committed to the development of risk and risk management capability assessments. In doing so, we reaffirm our commitment to place particular emphasis in all our efforts on the need for recherche mannequin femme full respect for international humanitarian and human rights law. S les plus r?cents qui ont fait des victimes le long de la ligne de contact et de la fronti? Drawing on the experience and knowledge gained by the EU and its Member States in water management, the EU attaches great importance to regional and transboundary water cooperation as factor of social and economic development but also for political stability, peace and security. Elections organised by the regime outside this framework, conducted in the midst of conflict, only in regime-controlled areas and with millions of Syrians displaced from their homes would be a parody of democracy, have no credibility whatsoever, and undermine efforts to reach a political solution. We also reiterate the importance of ensuring that humanitarian concerns are addressed by applying international standards on the protection of refugees. Instead, the coherent merge of modern technology with relevant methods put at disposal of well prepared and trained staff, will be imperative in the pursuit of enhanced operational output. The EU recalls that all UN Member States are obliged to comply with the restrictions targeting dprks illegal activities as imposed by the UN Security Council. Nous réitérons notre demande que le financement de lÉcole soit placé sur budget unifié. The aggressive acts by Russian armed forces on sovereign Ukrainian territory have seriously challenged the fundamental principles and commitments that underpin both the UN and the osce. Strengthening police, justice and corrections institutions are crucial measures to safeguard the rule of law and create the necessary preconditions for lasting peace. We agree with the ILO Report that there are currently gaps of knowledge that need to be addressed. The EU and its Member States have so far pledged around.2 billion to respond to the Ebola crisis in West Africa. The EU cbrn Centres of Excellence (CoE) Initiative, launched in 2010 under the Instrument for Stability, aims at implementing a comprehensive strategy for reducing national and international vulnerability to cbrn risks. We express our condolences to the families of the deceased, and recall that all elements of the Minsk Protocol and the Minsk Memorandum must be fully implemented by all sides. The Agreement, provisionally applied since September, allows us to move ahead with deeper political association and economic integration.

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We welcome the proposal in paragraph 10 to gratuit support the development of toxic gendersensitive national policies and action plans. We concur with need to enhance efforts to collect reliable statistics. We will also continue to insist on the importance of abiding by humanitarian principles and international human rights law. LUE tient également à rappeler que ce combat ne peut se faire sans la contribution essentielle de la société civile qui prévient des manifestations dintolérance.

Which fully upholds osce principles, that the dprk is bound by its international obligations 1874, and by its iaea Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement under the NPT. Basic infrastructures rue and services must be restored. Last year, s assessment that the ongoing clashes have not translated into territorial gains for either side.

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The EU is mobilizing to help address the underlying factors to counter radicalisation and extremism.Protracted armed conflicts and current crises affect far too many children around the world, keeping them away from school and exposing them to the risk of recruitment and use as soldiers.Internal accountability is also key and a policy of zero tolerance towards criminal activities, harassment and abuses by staff should be promoted.

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LUnion européenne attache la plus grande importance à la poursuite sans entrave de leurs activités de surveillance du cessez-le-feu sur la ligne de contact et le long de la frontière entre lArménie et lAzerbaïdjan.We reiterate our call on all parties, in particular the Assad regime to implement in full the provisions of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 21The EU will continue to implement those Resolutions to deliver cross-border and cross line assistance.This approach focuses on nine priorities; drug and firearms trafficking, irregular migration, cybercrime, property crime, counterfeit and sub-standard goods which are potentially dangerous to health and safety.All these activities clearly show that the dprk is further developing its nuclear capabilities.


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The ctbt plays a central role in underpinning the international non-proliferation regime and our efforts towards global disarmament.On a more general note, we strongly encourage the ILO to continue its important work in the capacity-building of social partners, as constructive social dialogue is an important mechanism to undertake the challenging structural reforms necessary for job-centred recovery and development.We look forward to next discussions on issues related to Women, Peace and Security in the FSC.The EU highlights the importance of upholding Lebanon's freedom and diversity as a model of moderation in the entire region.”