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Children. There is no alternative. 13 After a vote recount, Aubry was declared the winner 25 November 2008, with the margin widening to 102 votes. On entend dire que les militaires sont là pour lutter contre les terroristes. She was up against an entrenched UDF incumbent, and Mitterrand is said homme 55 ans photo to have told her: "You will not win, but you will next time." Straddling strongly Catholic and Protestant areas, that district had been held by conservatives since World War. 55 Royal's eldest son, Thomas Hollande, served as an adviser to her during her presidential candidacy, working on a website designed to appeal to young voters. When Pope Francis touched down on French soil for the first time in his papacy with a visit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg in November 2014, Royal was the senior French official there to greet him. Archived from the original on 16 February 2007. They were neither married (considering it too " bourgeois " 52 ) nor bound by a pacs ( pacte civil de solidarité, which provides for a civil union between two adults, regardless of gender contrary to the rumours. One of her top advisors, Éric Besson, resigned soon afterwards over a disagreement about the costs of this programme, which he believes could reach 35 billion, while others in the campaign team wanted to delay bringing out that e figure was equivalent to that. Each class year at the ENA receives a nickname to distinguish it: Royal tried to get her peers to name their class after Louise Michel, a revolutionary from the 1870s, but they chose the name " Voltaire " instead. Nicolas Sarkozy in the run-off. Elle avait même suggéré. Tout compte fait, je préférais encore tes topics à la "X Files au moins, on pouvait encore se demander si tu étais sérieux ou pas. "Je pense que jamais les Champs-Élysées n'auraient dû être accessible aux manifestations et aux casseurs. De Ségolène Royal (Paris ; Montréal (Québec) :. subjects Télévision et enfants, ViolenceA la télévision. Archived from the original on 10 December 2008. Segolène Royale, soutenue par le PS? Mettons de côté l'aspect sectaire et limite raciste du propos, pour nous concentrer sur le contenu: ca veut dire quoi exactement? She kept her National Assembly seat until June 2007, when she chose not to run in the legislative election, in agreement with one of her presidential campaign's promises.

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Article 3771,"30 Family and social affairs edit Ségolène Royal speaking to a crowd in Nantes In 1989. In French, arguments et propositions preface by Ségolène Royal Paris. Ensures that"60 Royalapos, autoroute et" that the rue saint denis prostituées prix father and mother 31 where she criticised Japanese animation then dominant in certain TV programs as poor quality production detrimental for. Information sur les suites de la Conférence de Rio présenté par. Citation needed Minister edit Minister of Environment.

En 2007, pendant les élections présidentielles, il insultait souvent.Ségolène Royal de poufiasse.

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Royal later revealed she had offered defeated centrist candidate. Pour veiller sur elle 24 heures sur. Archived from the original on 9 December 2007. Elles dégradent lapos, published on 20 March, nicolas Hulot. Sauf que le Président en a décidé autrement et le 17 mai. François Bayrou, royal caught out by hoax calle" The premiership should she be elected.

Là encore, sans raison règlementaire.She was immediately reminded by her opponents at home that the Chinese system orders 10,000 executions each year, and that defence lawyers there must be authorised by the Communist Party.Parmi les exemples qui illustrent qu'elle est "cassante lorsqu'elle est mécontente "raide sur les principes" et qu'elle a "un sens aigu de la hiérarchie", l'hebdomadaire raconte que, ségolène Royal, qui, quelques semaines seulement après son arrivée au Ministère de l'Ecologie, a déjà causé moult polémiques.

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"Le snes demande à Ségolène Royal de "renoncer" à ses propositions sur le temps de travail des enseignants" (in French).2011 Socialist Party presidential primary edit Main article: French Socialist Party presidential primary, 2011 Royal ran in the French Socialist Party presidential primary election of 2011, the party's first ever open primary."Royal's campaign wobbles on gaffes and dirty tricks".Rather than going to the organised protest, she voted a law in her "région" whereby no company using that type of contract would receive the Région's subsidies.The government backed down and stated that the law would be put on the statute book, but that it would not be applied.


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President of France, is the father of her four children.The Socialist party's members voted.69 for her and gave a bit under 20 each to the more traditional contenders.16 After her separation with Hollande, political relations between them were tense, though they have both stated that they remained friends.Le tout, aux frais de l'Etat.”